while explain sealife a biologist went underwater on a land recorded the desk above and below sea level where he found different creatures. A) List these creatures in order from deepest to highest. B) Write a comparison statement for the depth of the hermit crab and the redfish. Hermit Crab (2ft), Clam (0ft), Snapper (-10ft), Redfish (-3ft). Can anyone help me please. Does anyone know how to answer this question.

Accepted Solution

A.      If we are to consider that the positive (+) value is for the above the sea level and negative (-) is for below the sea level the arrangement from deepest to highest of the given is: (a)    Snapper (-10 ft) ; (b) Redfish (-3ft) ; (c) Clam (0 ft) ; (d) Hermit Crab (2 ft) B.      The comparison of the depth of hermit crab and redfish, D = hermit crab – redfish = 2 – (-3) = 5 ft The difference in the depths is equal to 5 ft.