Which function represents the sequence?11Question 11 options:f(n)=n+3f(n)=7n−4f(n)=3n+7f(n)=n+7

Accepted Solution

Answer: SECOND OPTIONStep-by-step explanation: Substitute any value of n shown in the table attached into each function given in the options, and observe if you obtain the value of [tex]a_n[/tex] shown in the table. Let's substitute n=1 (According to the table, you need to obtain [tex]a_n=3[/tex]): For the first option: [tex]f(1)=1+3=4[/tex] For the second option: [tex]f(1)=7(1)-4=3[/tex]  THIS IS THE FUNCTION For the third option: [tex]f(1)=3(1)+7=10[/tex]  For the fourth option: [tex]f(1)=1+7=8[/tex] Therefore, the answer is the second option.