The table of values below represents a linear function and shows the amount of money in a tip jar at a dry cleaners since the dry cleaners opened for the day. How much was in the tip jar when the dry cleaners opened?

Accepted Solution

A linear equation has a standard form of: y = mx + b where in this case, y = amount of money in tip jar, m = slope, x = number of hours, b = y intercept Β  We select any two paired data to calculate for the slope: m = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1) m = (18.25 – 15.50) / (5 – 4) m = 2.75 Β  y = 2.75x + b Β  Choosing any one data pair to calculate for b the y-intercept: 15.50 = 2.75 (4) + b b = 4.5 Β  Therefore there was $4.50 in the tip jar during the opening. Β  Answer: $4.50