Dana and Monique are dog groomers. Dana's workday is 10 hours and Monique's workdays is 8 hours. Dana and Monique each work 40 hours per week.On Monday, Dana groomed 15 dogs in 10 hours and Monique groomed 10 dogs in 8 hours. They each earn $12.75 for each dog groomed. Assuming that for the rest of the week Dana and Monique groom the same number of dogs per week days as they did on Monday, what would be the difference between their weekly earnings?

Accepted Solution

To answer this you will need to figure out how many days each person is working each week based on their number of hours and how many hours they work.  Use this to determine the number of dogs groomed and then multiply by the hourly rate.

Dana works 4 days (40/10) and Monique works 5 days (40/8).

Dana:  15 dogs per day x 4 days a week x $12.75 per dog = $765 a week.

Monique: 10 dogs per day x 5 days a week x $12.75 per dog = $637.50 a week.

765 - 637.50 = $127.50.

The difference is $127.50.